Tuesday, March 20, 2012

« It’s a warm day in March », After Charles Bernstein by Genji Amino

The following poems were written through Charles Bernstein's words and tropes by American poet Genji Amino who studied with Bernstein at the University of Pennsylvania. The poems are from a new book forthcoming from Peel Books, the press Genji Amino is starting. 
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he is considered this great author

but it wasn’t it didn’t move me per se

for years in terms of that white male other

that has to create that balance otherwise

am i gonna be some woman's

mother's nightmare

oh he writes poetry

get him the hell out of here

i don’t understand his mind

what are his values

we all go through this

poetry is not any more happy

than the century in which it is in


Dante is Dante

and the bus driver is the bus driver

but I'm not convinced about that difference

when he was graduating harvard

that could either make you feel or it could make you feel

call it adolescent sublime

he attacks songs of poets as the beauty of nature and so on

put their heads in the sand in his generation

to take away that idea

nothing makes any difference


I have other stuff happening


I'm seen or remarked


I live in different communities


I never leave my house


I get distracted


I like to imagine everybody


I can tap right in


I like the truth


I like the suggestion


I like to do it to myself


It's poetical here


It’s very hokey but wonderful


It's not for good or for bad


It’s not like it used to be


It’s jarring


It’s just terrific


It goes both ways


It’s a warm day in March


And I am in Philadelphia


Living in New York


With everybody else


I'm trying I can't go as fast I'm not sure what they'll think this is just a fake-out I'm just kidding psych

I'm not                                                                      

it's not for me

I'm just facing the music

I have a life       

grew up

was necessary


I go to the john                                      

I want everyone to know this           

to pay my rent

listen,  I can take a hint

if there's anything

I can take my pride


ball park figure

troubles me

just so immediate

just by osmosis

most people think that

because it seems so public

an apt metaphor

an conflicting relationship

in a kind of American vernacular

few did that

take this point

squared it out

not very eloquent

crispness on the one hand

maximalizes the power

everyday words with new vitality

a very important locus of discussion

massive and even

well aware

beyond the issue

was not just appealing

a scheme a sound an idea

something like a movement

devil may

for somebody like me

in a way it’s not exactly straightforward

takes it away

salad bowl vision of America

people you feel are less well off

new ideas in theory

far out crazy

like many people

the discussion of the young house wife online

the flow of everyday

more along the lines

I’m just interested

it is my view

he would have thought

depends on what you mean


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